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    Closing gender gaps and bringing women in emerging markets into the global economic mainstream represents a tremendous force for stability and prosperity worldwide. Unleashing the potential of women is an enormous opportunity for the global economy, akin to stumbling upon a relatively untapped emerging market.

    Global Women Leaders Conference celebrates the courage, creativity, strength of certainty and humanity of socially responsible women leaders and their capability to leave a lasting inheritance impacting the sustainable future development of communities and organizations across the world. Held annually in the celebration of International Women’s Day, Woibex pays tribute to women who translate outstanding leadership to action to forge long-term cooperation in building a globally competitive environment.

    Who will attend?

    • Ministers, Ambassadors, and Members of Parliament
    • Women leaders in the Ministry of Education
    • Board members of Chamber of Commerce and Women Development Institutions
    • C-Level Executives (CEO's, Chairmen, Presidents, MDs)
    • Regional and Global High Ranking Delegates
    • Deans, Principals, Head of the Departments, and Supervisors of Schools and Colleges
    • Faculty and Administrators of Educational Institutions
    • Academia and Researchers, Women Association Leaders
    • Women Leaders in Police and Armed Forces
    • Women Entrepreneurs
    • Women Business Leaders and Executives
    • Women leaders in Government and Business Organizations
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  • 16th M.E Women Leaders Awards

    The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute honors the women leadership by recognizing business women and women leaders in various business and government organizations who play a distinct role in the regional and global development. It honors the best practices of leaderships that have succeeded in bringing about a change in different areas whilst developing strategies and methodologies that initiate the promotion, and establishment of women in the community.

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  • Registration & Travelling

    The Conference offers an exciting opportunity for businesswomen, women leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs for learning, business networking, sharing of ideas and devising innovative strategies. Your participation in this high profile gathering allows you to meet leaders and decision-makers from across the region.

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  • International Women′s Day

    International Women's Day (IWD), to mark the economic, political and social accomplishments of women. It has been observed since the early 1900's but its origins and history extend back to the birth of the women's right movement in Europe and the US. Up until the 20th century women in western cultures had very few rights and suffered gross injustices under legal systems where married women had no property rights; husbands had complete power over their wives and could imprison or beat them with impunity; and inheritance, divorce and child custody laws favored men. Many prominent "intellectuals" believed that education for girls and young women was unnecessary and should be limited to only that which was necessary to run a proper home. Even in the supposedly democratic societies founded on "liberty and justice for all,"there were no laws that established and protected the rights of women. In fact, American women - including those from upper class families who had supposedly been "free women" all along - gained the right to vote 50 years after former male slaves did and more than 140 years after the Declaration of Independence.

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  • Global Women Leaders

    The Woibex summit aims to provide a global platform for businesswomen, women leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to learn, network and devise innovative strategies that can make a huge difference to women’s involvement in today's competitive global business. The summit also emphasizes elevating the status of women by equipping them with the necessary tools to nurture and build a successful career.

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  • Top 100 GCC Women Leaders

    Datamatix will release "Top 100 GCC WOMEN LEADERS OF TOMORROW" list at the '19TH WOIBEX - Global Women Leaders Conference' on March 7-9, 2016 Dubai,UAE in celebration of the Women's Day. On this great occasion, we would like to request you to take some time to let us know who, in your opinion, are the new and upcoming women leaders – the "ones to watch" those are making a mark in the GCC and deserve the prestigious honor of being named on this list.

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  • Global Top 1000 Women Leaders

    The Woibex summit aims to provide a global platform for businesswomen, women leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs to learn, network and devise innovative strategies that can make a huge difference to women’s involvement in today's competitive global business.

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  • Women & Investments

    We cordially welcome you to join this research on Middle East Women and their role in making Investments. These days more and more women make investment decisions and this research tries to bring out facts and figures on women as investment decision makers. The research findings will be taken up for discussion at the 19th Global Women Leaders Conference on the March 7-9, 2016 at Dubai, UAE. These presentations provide an opportunity to learn and assess local, regional, and global investment opportunities and pitfalls they should avoid while making these decisions.

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  • Woibex - Women Leaders Group

    The aim of the group is to bring together professional women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership; education, networking support and national recognition. It also offers great networking opportunities and provides consistent professional & efficient support and a strong platform of events through which Members share experiences and best practices.

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