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Subject: The 7Continents Organizations
Women Leaders’ Delegation to Dubai.

In the visionary framework of the world's kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, ministers, governors, mayors, global government and business decision-makers, leaders, intellectuals, and visionaries, and in alignment with global economic and community efforts to promote women's empowerment, gender balance, leadership, and women’s global competitiveness, there is a collective exploration of modern international leadership strategies. These strategies aim to nurture the evolution of women into role models, fostering growth, and inspiring the younger generation to shape initiatives across the seven continents.

Numerous concerns have emerged regarding women's empowerment and leadership across all 7 continents. Governments and businesses are taking proactive steps to foster a global society where women can flourish and contribute actively to its progress. The utilization of data-driven strategies and targeted support for women in government and business demonstrates responsible governance and a dedication to this cause.

Your country’s government’s sincere efforts and strong belief in the integral relationship between a flourishing economy and women’s empowerment are crucial for ensuring successful representation across all aspects of government, management, and the national economy.

In this regard, Woibex appreciates your governments and the national Fortune 100 Companies’ support in advancing women’s status, as it significantly contributes to the country and business global competitiveness, fosters leadership, promotes excellence, and empowers women leaders.

In this context, we endorse the International Women’s Day celebrations, and to support and enhance its success globally, Datamatix, in collaboration with global government organizations, businesses, media, official institutions, and with the support of the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute, presents the 27th International Women Leaders Congress, on 17-20 Feb 2025 in Dubai, UAE. The congress will be held under the theme “The 7Continents Women’s Success Stories” and will be attended by global women leaders, government and business decision-makers, visionary leaders, intellectuals, and representatives from the world’s top universities and educational organizations.

On this global occasion, we respectfully seek your esteemed Government’s approval to form a delegation comprising representatives from various government organizations and businesses to participate in the 2025 congress. This delegation of women leaders will act as ambassadors for your country and its organizations, making a substantial impact and enhancing the success of future endeavors. The participation of women leaders from your country will support the promotion of your government's supportive values and objectives, as well as facilitate valuable connections with other global organizations participating in the conference.

Additionally, this event will facilitate the development of strong and sustainable business partnerships, further enhancing bilateral relations between your country organizations and other delegations. The presence of your country's delegation will facilitate the creation and development of partnerships with the most successful organizations, markets, and businesses, their presence will also contribute to fostering global discussions on empowering women.

We look forward to welcoming your representatives and delegates.

Ali Al Kamali
Managing Director
Contact MD:kamali@datamatixgroup.com

The 27th International Women Leaders Congress
in Conjunction with the International Women’s Day Celebration.

Date: Feb 17-20, 2025, Dubai, UAE
Participants: Women leaders from the global government and business organizations
Speakers: Women leaders and experts from the 7Continents
Partners: Regional and global government and business organizations
Website: www.woibex.com
Contact: info@woibex.com
Contact MD: kamali@datamatixgroup.com

The Events Supported by the Global Official Institutions

  • UN - The United Nations Agencies
  • The World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • WTO - World Trade Organization
  • OECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • and other International and Women Development Related Institutions

The Events Supported by the Global Media Institutions

  • Media Portals
  • Online Magazine
  • Radio Stations
  • News Agencies
  • e-Newspapers
  • and More

Displaying Flags of Participating Countries at the Congress Venue

  • When the total number of participants from a particular country reaches five participants
  • When the total strategic partner from a particular country reaches three strategic partners

The Event is Supported by the Global Women Celebrities and Keynote Speakers

  • Global Celebrities
  • Global Corporate Keynote Speakers
  • Global Businesswomen
  • Global Women Entrepreneur
  • Global women Influencers
  • Global Podcast Hosts
  • Global Social Media Managers
  • Global content Creators
  • Global Women youth clubs’ leaders
  • Global Leading Academics
  • Global Women Environmentalists
  • Global Women Health and Wellness Advocates

Why the 7-Continents Government, Business, and official Institution
should take part in the 27th International Women Leaders Congress

The 7Continents must actively support women's participation in the congress, where women will share their success stories and learn from others across all 7Continents. Women leaders’ delegations from various countries will engage with these narratives of achievement and resilience, providing participating governments with valuable insights into effective strategies for advancing women's empowerment. Additionally, participation in the congress demonstrates a commitment to fostering collaboration and dialogue on critical issues affecting women worldwide. This involvement can lead to the implementation of policies and initiatives that promote women's involvement in education, economic opportunities and participation on a global scale, and more.


As an emerging market and a continent known for its youth demographic, African governments and business corporates should support women leaders to participate and learn from successful women leaders across various sectors worldwide. They can leverage these insights to develop policies promoting gender equality and women's empowerment, addressing issues such as access to education, healthcare, economic empowerment, gender-based equality, work-life balance, cultural norms, and more in their respective countries.


As a leading hub for the business industry, Asian governments and business corporates must ensure that sustainability becomes ingrained in the culture and support women who contribute significantly to the Asian economy. Asian governments and businesses should participate and ensure that the women leaders from government and business collaborate internationally, encouraging the world to partner with Asian organizations and should exchange best practices and innovative solutions for empowering women in business and the workforce. By supporting female entrepreneurs who drive economic growth and social progress in the region, they can participate in this global congress, enhance their knowledge, and adopt modern management practices for sustainability.


Europe, as a leading knowledge-based continent, should demonstrate its commitment to gender equality through active participation in the congress and by sharing experiences in promoting opportunities for women. Collaborating with businesses and civil society organizations, European governments and corporations can work towards closing the gender pay gap, increasing women's representation in leadership roles, combating gender imbalance, supporting women's entrepreneurship, encouraging corporate board diversity, and fostering prosperous growth in the continent. European stakeholders can inspire positive change worldwide and build a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

North America

North America, known for its technology and startup hubs heaven, along with its industrial sectors, should utilize the Congress as a platform to highlight the initiatives aimed at advancing women's empowerment. As a government organization and business corporate they can share successful models for supporting women in STEM fields, fostering workplace diversity and inclusion, and promoting work-life balance through family-friendly policies, among other strategies, to propel the continent to the next level.

South America

South America's abundant natural resources, including gas, oil, minerals, and mining, along with manufacturing opportunities across various sectors, make it an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the participation of government organizations and business corporations in the congress is essential. Given the region's secure status in agriculture and related industries, their involvement should contribute significantly to the global dialogue on women's empowerment. By participating in the congress and sharing their strategies for addressing challenges such as gender-based discrimination, governments can invest in education and skills training for women, unlocking their full potential as agents of change and economic development.

Australia and New Zealand:

Australia and New Zealand, though distant, are globally interconnected continents that offer a unique perspective on gender equality and women's empowerment. The government, along with various organizations and advocacy groups, actively works to address gender disparities and create an inclusive society. Therefore, governments, businesses, and leaders should enhance global connections and demonstrate their commitment to gender equality by participating in the congress. They should highlight their efforts to promote women's leadership and entrepreneurship. By championing initiatives that support women's career advancement and economic independence, they can drive sustainable development and prosperity in the region.


Although Antarctica is not home to permanent populations, international research stations should participate in the congress to demonstrate their commitment to gender equality in the scientific community and the role of women in discovering and sharing knowledge. They should also explore how women can play a more significant role in this part of the world. We suggest that concerned organizations and leaders share insights on promoting women's participation in polar research and fostering a supportive work environment throughout the region. Moreover, fostering gender equality in Antarctic research can set a positive example for global scientific collaboration and innovation.

How the Investors will Find
their Next Successful Millionaire Venture
with Remarkable Women Leaders and Businesswomen at WOIBEX

At WOIBEX, investors and business leaders will have the best opportunity to meet global businesswomen leaders, role models, and other emerging figures to hear their ideas, learn from their insights, and explore new innovative ideas on where and how to invest. This presents the potential to find their next successful millionaire venture with these remarkable women.

Investors should fund women's new ideas because women play a crucial role in supporting and driving worldwide economic growth and development across all 7 continents. By investing in women-led initiatives, investors can tap into a diverse range of perspectives, ideas, and innovations that have the potential to address pressing global challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Supporting women entrepreneurs not only promotes gender equality but also fosters inclusive economic growth, job creation, and social development. Additionally, investing in women-owned businesses can yield significant returns on investment while contributing to the advancement of society.

Highlighting some of the women achievements from around the 7-Continents

Women leaders in Africa have been pivotal in driving grassroots movements for social change, advocating for women rights, and empowering marginalized communities through education and entrepreneurship.

Asian women have excelled in various fields, including technology, business, and the arts, breaking barriers and achieving notable success as CEOs, scientists, artists, and political leaders.

European women have made significant contributions to literature, science, and governance, with many pioneering achievements in fields such as medicine, engineering, and diplomacy.

North America:
Women in North America have been pioneers in the fight for gender equality, leading movements for suffrage, civil rights, and reproductive rights, while also making groundbreaking strides in business, entertainment, and sports.

South America:
South American women have played key roles in environmental conservation, indigenous rights activism, and cultural preservation, enriching their societies with their leadership, creativity, and resilience.

Australia and New Zealand:
Australian women have achieved remarkable success in sports, academia, and politics, with notable achievements in fields such as medicine, aviation, and environmental conservation.

Women scientists and researchers have made significant contributions to polar research and exploration, advancing our understanding of climate change, biodiversity, and environmental sustainability.

The 7Continents Top 35 Leading
Women’s Business Projects and Companies Exhibitions

Datamatix is pleased to announce that, in conjunction with the 2025 congress, it will be organizing the 7-Continents Top-35 Leading Women’s Business Projects and Companies Exhibitions, showcasing the remarkable achievements and contributions of women entrepreneurs and business leaders to the world economy. These distinguished projects and companies, led by visionary women, exemplify innovation, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, among other qualities.  

Extending over diverse industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, and sustainability, each enterprise represents a shining example of success. Over the past 30 years, these women have not only established thriving businesses but have also contributed to outstanding economic development, created employment opportunities, and inspired future generations of female leaders.  

Therefore, we encourage all women leaders to participate in the congress and bring their outstanding business projects and exhibit their business and projects and company through this event in front of all seven continents’ superior women leaders and high-profile attendees from around the globe, to attract investment and make collaborations with like-minded leaders and expand your reach to the global market.  

Participating in this exhibition provides unparalleled visibility and networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with potential investors, partners, and customers. By showcasing your business on this international stage, you can gain valuable insights, access new markets, and accelerate the growth of your company. Elevate your business to new heights and make a lasting impact on the global business landscape.  

Their journey embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship, as they navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and drive positive change. By showcasing their achievements at the Congress, these pioneering women have received the recognition they deserve and serve as role models for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Their stories of determination, perseverance, and success resonate beyond borders around the 7Continents, inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams and redefine what is possible in the world of business.  

As we celebrate these women and their accomplishments, we praise the transformative power of female leadership and the immense potential it holds for shaping a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

The 7Continents Success Stories of Women Excellence Awards
in Conjunction with the International Women’s Day Celebration

Date: At 8pm on Tuesday the 18th of February 2025, in Dubai, UAE.
Contact: info@meawards.com

In the visionary framework of, the world’s, Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Minister, Ministers, Governors, Mayors, Government decision makers and leaders, global business leaders, intellectuals and visionaries, and in alignment with the global business, economy and global community efforts to promote gender balance, women leadership empowerment, and global competitiveness, and to explore modern international leadership strategies.

Following the commendable achievements, Datamatix, in cooperation with the Middle East Excellence Awards Institute and its regional and global partners and leaders, in conjunction with the International Women’s Day Celebration, takes the honor of presenting “The 7 Continents Success Stories of Women awards.”

The Awards showcases the resilience, determination, and ingenuity of women who have defied expectations and pioneered in their respective fields, from leaders and activists to entrepreneurs and scientists, each awardee represents a unique facet of female excellence and leadership, inspiring audiences around the world to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly beyond the borders.

The 7 Continents Success Stories of Women Excellence Awards celebrates the achievements and contributions of women across the globe. From Asia to Africa, Europe to North America, South America to Australia, and Antarctica, these awards highlight the diverse accomplishments of women in various fields such as business, science, technology, arts, social activism and more.

The awards will feature seven award categories from each of the seven continents. Our judges, based on a set of strict and fair criteria, will nominate the candidates. Each continent will award one woman in each of its respective categories, evaluated based on their achievements, leadership qualities, impact on their community or field, and dedication to advancing their continent. Judges will assess nominees against a set of predetermined criteria to ensure transparency and fairness in the selection process.

Women from diverse backgrounds and fields are encouraged to nominate themselves or outstanding women who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and impact in their respective communities and beyond in their continent. These nominations highlight the diversity of talent and the breadth of accomplishments among women on a global scale.

As nominations is from every corner of the world, the selection process is a collective power and influence of women in shaping the future. Through these submissions, the stories of extraordinary women emerge, inspiring others and reaffirms the importance of gender equality and empowerment on a global stage.

In addition to honoring the awardees, the event honors awardees but also fosters networking, collaboration, and mentorship among global leaders and advocates. Attendees are empowered to advance gender equality through meaningful connections and shared experiences. Celebrating women's achievements sends a powerful message of admiration and inspires future generations to pursue greatness. These awards play a crucial role in advancing gender equality and empowering women worldwide.

The 24TH Middle East Leading Women Leaders Award
Presented The Middle East Excellence Awards Institute’s

Date: Feb 17-20, 2025, Dubai, UAE
Contact: info@meawards.com

The 24TH Middle East Leading Women Leaders Award

The Middle East Excellence Award Institute will celebrate exceptional achievements of women's leaders by honoring their dedication to leadership, knowledge and innovations, leadership capabilities, institutional successes, excellence, and sustainable leadership achievements while recognizing their significant regional and global competitiveness and contributions to the institutional global advancement across various sectors.

The award aims to honor the most distinguished female leaders, highlighting their significant successes in leadership and entrepreneurship. It also seeks to showcase the excellence and creativity that women have achieved, serving as role models for future generations. These women's presence has become a milestone in institutions, emphasizing their roles and achievements that have contributed to the development of outstanding leadership, their impact is evident in institutions and community development, serving as motivation for progress at local, regional, and global levels. The Awards will honor influential Women Role Models across diverse sectors, these women leaders have been pivotal in encompassing economic and technological advancement, aligning with global competitiveness benchmarks.

In this context the award will acknowledge their impactful leadership and contributions to both regional and global progress and those top women leaders who have made impactful business and economic contributions to knowledge, administration, leadership developments, prioritizing innovation, and have emerged as exemplary women, elevating the global standing of women.

Nominations Are Accepted from Women Leaders from the Middle East Organizations

  • Women leaders from parliaments, councils, and boards of directors
  • Women leaders from the United Nations, international bodies, and organizations.
  • Women Leaders from international institutions, interested in the development of women.
  • Women leaders from ministries, government agencies, and institutions.
  • Women Leaders from business institutions, women, and entrepreneurs.
  • Women leaders from universities and educational institutions.
  • Women leaders from the police, armed forces, and civil defense.
  • Leaders from women's institutions, associations, and related institutions.

Participation and Activities
The 27th International Women Leaders Congress
in Conjunction with the International Women’s Day Celebration.

The Congress is a global platform for women leaders to convene and share their experiences, insights, and successes stories and serves as a driving force for collaboration and empowerment, fostering dialogue on key issues affecting women globally. Through workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, participants exchange ideas and strategies to advance gender equality and women's leadership. The congress highlights the importance of diverse perspectives and voices in shaping a more inclusive and equitable world. It reflects the spirit of solidarity and collective action in the pursuit of gender justice and empowerment.

Woibex – Global Women Leaders Conference Activities and 2025 Theme

  • Announcing the 7Continents Success Stories of Women Excellence Awards
  • 24th Middle east Women Leaders Excellence Awards
  • Global Women Pilots Delegation in Dubai
  • Global Education’s Women’s Delegation in Dubai
  • Global Women Leaders (Best Practice Showcase)
  • Global Women-Owned Companies Roundtable Gathering
  • Global Women Authors’ and Writers’ Gathering
  • Women’s Global Fashion
  • Women’s Global Art Exhibition
  • Woibex World Marriage Day

The Delegates Activities and Program in Dubai

  • Meeting the Dubai and the UAE business Official and the Authorities.
  • Meeting the Dubai and the UAE business community for business partnership
  • Official organization meetings based on arrangement.
  • Workshops and Seminars on Dubai's business landscape.
  • Visiting the Dubai special places and knowing the best business practices.
  • Industry-specific site visits and demonstrations - based on arrangement.
  • Cultural Exchange Events with Dubai's and UAE community.
  • Collaborative Sessions with Dubai-Based Entrepreneurs and Innovators.
  • Evening receptions and dinners to foster networking.
  • Networking opportunities with Dubai's business leaders.

The Congress Participation Global Certificates

Datamatix in collaboration with the 7Continents Universities, will be issuing the “Congress Participation Global Certificates”. These certificates will serve as a recognition of active participation in the congress, showcasing the commitment to advancing women's leadership knowledge and empowerment on a global scale. This will acknowledge dedication to driving positive change and shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

Participation and Registration
The 27th International Women Leaders Congress

Why Should Your Organization's Delegate Attend the Congress?

VIPs: Meet the VIPs and the high-profile at the Congress and the Awards Ceremony.
Exposure: The event is attended by women leaders from the government and business.
Best Practices: Identify and acknowledge the best global practices and achievements of role model women.
Leadership: Leverage leadership skills by being part of the discussions with women role models.
Network: Networking opportunities with potential clients and business partners. 
Opinions and Advice: Benefit from the opinions and advice of global experts.

Attendees - Women Leaders from the Global Organizations

  • Women leaders from parliaments, councils, and corporates boards of directors
  • Women leaders from ministries, and government organizations and authorities.
  • Women leaders from the United Nations, international institutions, and organizations.
  • Women Leaders from international institutions, interested in the development of women.
  • Women Leaders from business institutions, women, and entrepreneurs
  • Women leaders from universities and educational institutions.
  • Women leaders from the police, armed forces, and civil defense.
  • Leaders from women's institutions, associations, and related institutions.

Registration Options Per Participant with Accommodation (5-Star Hotel Room)

Option 1: USD 3200- Includes 4-days Conference pass and 6-nights hotel stay.
Option 2: USD 2900- Includes 4-days congress pass and 5-nights hotel stay.
Option 3: USD 2300- Includes 3-days congress pass and 4-nights hotel stay.
Option 4: USD 2000- Includes 3-days congress pass and 3-nights hotel stay.
Option 5: USD 1600- Includes 2-days congress pass and 2-nights hotel stay.

Registration Options and Fees Per Participant

Option 1: USD 1500 -1 Participants 4-days congress
Option 2: USD 1200 -1 Participants 3-days congress
Option 3: USD 900 -1 Participants 2-days congress
Option 4: USD 500 -1 Participant 1-days congress

Registration and Cancellation Procedures

  • Kindly confirm registration early to ensure a timely hotel booking and avoid any delay.
  • Complete the registration procedures and pay the fees early to ensure the reservation of seats.
  • Cancellations must be made at least 30 days before the event.
  • In case of cancellation, the participation can be transferred to another participant.
  • Conference publications, breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch during the Congress.
  • Only registered participants will be allowed to attend.
  • Hotels will be selected by Datamatix and will be 5-star Hotels.
  • Please visit the event's official website regularly for updates.